Pathology Services

Through its medical laboratory service company Specialist Diagnostic Services Pty Ltd (known as SDS Pathology), Primary operates one of Australia's leading private medical laboratory and pathology service providers.

Pathology is a medical specialty that focuses on determining the cause and nature of diseases. By analysing and testing body tissue and fluids, pathology enables medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients correctly. Australian Medical Laboratory and Pathology services are integral to the health of all Australians, with 70% of all medical decisions and 100% of cancer diagnoses relying upon a pathology test. To understand more about Australian pathology and register your support see Know Pathology.

Each year, SDS’s pathologists, scientists and staff analyse and report in excess of fifteen million patient cases and conduct in excess of fifty million patient tests. SDS operates over 100 medical laboratories, employs in excess of 300 specialist pathologists, 6,000 dedicated scientists, phlebotomists and support staff, and operates approximately 2,000 patient collection centres across metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.

SDS practices provide 1 in every 3 pathology services provided in Australia, extending from being the only pathology provider to remote and central Australian aboriginal communities to exclusively servicing some of Australia’s largest and most complex and acute private and public hospitals.

Primary’s mission in pathology is to deliver better insights into the health of more Australians.

SDS operates its medical laboratory and pathology service through a variety of different specialty and geographical practices including:

QML Pathology +

QML Pathology was founded in the 1920s to serve Queensland medical practitioners and their patients, and is now recognised as one of the most respected and innovative pathology providers in Australia, having pioneered numerous testing and service advances for the Australian patient. It operates over 20 laboratories throughout regional and metropolitan Queensland and has over 500 patient collection centres throughout far northern NSW and Regional Queensland. Click here to find your nearest QML Pathology patient collection centre.


Laverty Pathology +

Laverty Pathology services metropolitan Sydney, ACT and regional New South Wales. SDS and its predecessor practices can trace their foundations back to 1928, with the establishment of Dr Eva Shipton’s medical laboratory in Macquarie Street in Sydney. Dr Shipton was one of Australia’s first female specialist pathologists, and her practice grew steadily through the addition of a number of well-known pathology practices and in 2008, SDS merged with Symbion Laverty Pathology to become one of Australia’s largest pathology practices, and today is known as “Laverty Pathology.”


Dorevitch Pathology +

Dorevitch Pathology is Victoria’s premier medical laboratory and pathology provider. With a team of approximately 50 specialist pathologists, Dorevitch operates over 30 specialist laboratories across the state servicing some of the largest and most complex acute public and private hospitals. This expertise is supported by a network of approximately 500 patient sample collection centres throughout the Victorian Community.


Tasmanian Medical Laboratories +

Tasmanian Medical Laboratories represents the newest addition to our state based practices, with two laboratories established in Launceston and Hobart in 2014. Despite still being early days, these laboratories are supported by an increasing number of patient collection centres throughout the state as doctors and their patients increasingly prefer the quality, accessibility and affordability of the service offered by our new practice.


Western Diagnostic Pathology +

Western Diagnostic Pathology services an area the size of Western Europe with its pathology services extending from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands in central Australia, to Arnhem land in the North, and Albany in the South. It provides specialist pathology expertise to Perth’s most acute public and private hospitals and services the needs of community general practitioners throughout the state including through the provision of over 100 patient collection centres.


Gastrolab +

Gastrolab is SDS’s specialist gastrointestinal laboratory focused upon gut and bowel diagnostics. Gastrolab’s current focus is upon the diagnosis, management of and differentiation between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Genomic Diagnostics +

Genomic Diagnostics is SDS’s specialist genomic analysis laboratory. We have a long lasting leadership position in genomics extending from being the first private laboratory in Australia to offer polymerase chain reaction testing for detection of the DNA of viruses in the 1990s (now considered the gold standard), to being the first private pathology provider to provide next generation sequencing for diagnostic testing. Genomic Diagnostics is a recognised leader in genomic testing including:

  • The largest non-government diagnostic genetic sequencing facility in Australia
  • One of the largest genetically characterised tissue banks in Australia
  • The largest databases of cancer mutations in Australia, and arguably the largest database of BRCA (breast cancer) mutations in the world (outside of Myriad Genetics)
  • A forensic testing laboratory that was the first non-government laboratory to obtain NATA accreditation for DNA forensics

Kossard Dermatopathologists +

Newly constructed in 2016, Kossard Dermatopathologists is a dedicated, specialist Dermatopathology laboratory, conveniently co-located with Laverty Pathology in Sydney. Kossard Dermatopathologists is home to two internationally renowned, dual-qualified Clinical Specialist Dermatologists and Dermatopathologists, and several other senior and deeply experienced Australian Dermatopathologists. This team brings unrivalled intellectual diagnostic resources to bear upon the skin biopsies it receives, to the exacting standards of its many Specialist Dermatologist referrers, and for those other Skin Practitioners who demand access to the same standard for their patients.


IQ Pathology +

IQ Pathology is a specialised dermatopathology laboratory providing comprehensive histopathology services throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. With a strong emphasis on high-quality dermatopathology diagnostics, our services are provided for patients of specialists involved in the management of all aspects of skin disease. We employ more than 40 skilled and dedicated staff who perform only histologic testing.