Company Overview

Primary Health Care is one of Australia's leading healthcare companies and has been providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the people of Australia for more than 30 years.

Primary has an expansive network of multi-disciplinary medical centres, pathology laboratories and diagnostic imaging centres, which are underpinned by a cohort of dedicated healthcare professionals.

Our centres play a vital role in making medical services more easily accessible and more cost efficient, while enabling coordination and continuity of patients’ care.


Medical Centres   (76 Medical Centres)
Medical Centres

Primary is a leading medical centre operator in Australia with operations in all states and territories (with the exception of Tasmania and the Northern Territory).

Over 8 million GP consults per year will take place in our medical centres.
Pathology   (109 Pathology Labs, 2,271 Collection Centres)
Pathology Primary has a leading presence in the pathology industry with a presence in all mainland states and the largest pathology business in Australia (based on number of collection centres).
1 in every 3 pathology samples taken in Australia are tested in our laboratories.
Diagnostic Imaging   (141 Diagnostic Imaging sites)
Diagnostic Imaging Primary is Australia's second largest diagnostic imaging network (by revenue) with sites in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.
Primary conducts approximately 3 million radiography examinations per year.